Vehicle ownership comes with several challenges. Many challenges are connected to components’ breakdown. One of the most crucial components in a vehicle is a gearbox which is not as everlasting as many people may think. Whether you own a car with a manual or automatic transmission, you rely on the gearbox to smoothly change gears and keep your automobile moving.

When an owner of a car forgets about gearbox maintenance, it all ends with gearbox issues and costly repairs. Depending on the car model, type of transmission, and gearbox issue, there would be different costs.

Sometimes these costs can be overwhelming. However, if you do some research, you can find a reliable car service with moderate prices. Such car services can be found anywhere in the world, including gearbox repair Dubai, and in other parts of the world.

Nonetheless, it would be beneficial if you understand what issues can arise and what their causes are. That’s why, we’ll explore some common gearbox problems.

Different gearbox problems

Slipping gears

When the transmission unexpectedly changes gears or slips out of gear – you have a common gearbox problem. Here are some reasons why and how this can happen:

  • Low transmission fluid. As a part of your regular car maintenance journey, you should often pay attention to the level of transmission fluid. If there’s an insufficient level, you should top it up. However, if the fluid has a different color, or you smell a burnt flavor – it's time for a fluid change;

  • Worn clutch. It can become a problem for the owner of automobiles with manual transmission. While driving, you can notice your vehicle struggles to engage gears or the clutch pedal feels soft, then it means that there’s a worn clutch that needs replacement;

  • Transmission bands or solenoids. This is an issue that cars with automatic transmissions may face. Gear slippage can happen if these components become worn or malfunction.

A professional mechanic can diagnose and repair these issues. If you can’t solve these problems on your own, then you should head to a car service. While there, you should also consider checking other components. You might find out that your brake pads are in bad condition. Thus, it wouldn’t hurt to find out about brake pad replacement cost and make repairs to prevent even greater car issues.

Unusual noises

Whenever your car starts to make strange noises, it’s always alarming since it sounds like a costly repair. Strange sound from the gearbox might signal underlying issues. That’s what might cause them:

  • Whining noise: If there’s a high-pitched noise when you’re in neutral or want to shift gears, it is likely to be a sign of several issues like low transmission fluid, a damaged input shaft bearing, or worn gears;

  • Clunking or grinding noise. Such noises might be caused by worn synchronizers, damaged gears, or a loose transmission mount. You should know that this issue requires immediate attention;

  • Rattling noise. When you hear such noise whenever you’re in neutral, it can point to a loose or damaged flywheel or torque converter.

No one understands unusual car noises better than an experienced mechanic. That’s why you should seek professional help.

Transmission fluid leaks

Unusual noises as well as car leaks can scare the hell out of car owners. If there’s a transmission fluid leak, it can’t mean that everything’s okay. There might be the following problems:

  • Damaged seals or gaskets

  • Loose or damaged transmission pan;

  • Faulty cooler lines.

If you’re someone who doesn’t understand a thing about car internal parts and components, you should know important signs that might signal issues with your car.


All drivers know that if something happens to the gearbox, it’s nothing but great expenditures. However, if you spot some warning signs early, it might help you save a penny. That’s why it’s crucial to understand common gearbox issues and know what might cause them. Moreover, understanding such things can help you prevent bad things from happening.